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A Healing Journey

After my family, my great love in life is gardening, so you can probably imagine the heartbreak I felt when I quite suddenly lost the ability to work in my beloved garden. In fact, I lost my ability to do almost everything. I have slowly recovered from being completely bedridden (I wasn't even able to walk from my bed to the kitchen for a few weeks!), and I am eternally grateful that those terrifying days are behind me, but I have learned that I have to change my habits in order to avoid reaching that dark place again. With this new lifestyle, it seems appropriate to begin a new blog. Rather than focusing as I once did on higher production, growing more types of food, and high-efficiency gardening -- you know, the bigger, better, faster, MORE mindset -- I am focused on gardening for healing. This gardening style highlights the healing aspects of gardening. Certainly the food we produce is a big part of promoting good health, but I believe that the practice of gardening is equally healing. We aren't talking just about burning calories here, folks. We will focus more on the meditative aspect of gardening as well as the mentally and physically restorative benefits of slowing down to enjoy the journey. But don't worry, there will be tomatoes. There will always be tomatoes!

With this new blog I hope to encourage and teach you to grow something -- whatever makes you happy. Flowers? Herbs? Veggies? Fruit? You can grow that, even with physical limitations. I will discuss low maintenance gardening and teach you the finer points of growing through blog posts, ebooks, and videos.  I will share a bit of my personal story along the way, and I pray this will become a community through which we find healing. Together, we will find joy and peace in the garden.

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