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Propagating Blackberries: A Simple Method

If you make jams and jellies then you know that it takes a lot of fruit to fill a jar. One berry bush is simply not enough if you want to put away food for winter. While you can purchase several berry bushes, there is a simple method for propagating blackberries -- and it won't cost you a thing.

Blackberry Propagation

Blackberry and Raspberry bushes, along with others, can be propagated in several ways including from stem cuttings and root division. The easiest way to propagate these bushes is by burying the stem tips over the winter. Because the stems are still attached to the mother plant, there is no stress as they put down roots. The mother nourishes the new young plant as it slowly produces roots. By the time the new young plant is removed from the mother in the spring, it is self-sufficient. Fall is the perfect time to propagate blackberries and raspberries and all you need is a trowel and a brick or rock.

Propagation Technique

1. Select a few long stems that can easily reach the ground, dig a hole about 4 inches deep, and bury the stem, leaving a few inches of the tip of the stem above ground.

2. Cover the buried section of stem with soil and place a rock or brick on top of the buried section to prevent it from popping back out of the soil.

3. Leave the section buried until the tip above the ground shows new growth in the spring.

4. Carefully dig up the baby plant in the spring and look for root growth at the leaf nodes (where leaves come out of the stem).

5. Remove the rooted stem from the mother plant with pruning shears and transplant.

Propagating blackberries is a really fun way to see how plants grow and it’s a great way to expand your garden for free. Try propagating some of your plants to learn how to grow more food without an additional investment.

Do you grow blackberries or raspberries?


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