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Self-Fertilizing Tomatoes with this Tomato Cocktail Recipe

At the height of the summer growing season, when I'm harvesting produce every day, it is difficult to remember to fertilize my tomatoes every month. This is why I grow self-fertilizing tomatoes with this tomato cocktail recipe, which I bury under my tomato plants when I plant them.

Now, let me be clear: This cocktail is for your tomatoes, not for you. Although I do like a good cocktail, myself.

Songbirdtiff's Tomato Plant Cocktail Recipe

Coffee grounds
Epsom salts
Ground egg shells

  1.  Dig a hole at least 4 inches deeper than you need for your tomato plant. 
  2. To the bottom of the hole, add one handful each of compost and coffee grounds. Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts and about 1/4 cup of ground egg shells. 
  3. Cover the cocktail with a 1 inch layer of soil. 
  4. Plant your tomato plant on top of the soil as usual.
  5. Water well. 
Over the growing season, these items will slowly decompose, feeding your tomato plants continuously. If desired, add up to 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts to each plant per month. I usually run out and toss my Epsom salts out right before it rains. That is the only fertilization I do after planting, and I often forget to do that. If you are wondering if this really works, here were my tomato plants in November 2013:

At 5'3", I'm not exactly a giant, but some of those tomato plants were over my head. Growing self-fertilizing tomatoes with this tomato cocktail recipe is a simple way to keep your tomato plants growing all season long. Remember to use sturdy tomato cages to support those giant plants!

What is your favorite tomato growing tip?


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