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Cattle Panel Trellis

There are some pretty trellises out there. Some of them are quite expensive and most aren't big enough or sturdy enough to grow a considerable amount of winter squash or gourds. That's why I love the cattle panel trellis. Each panel costs around $20 at a farm supply store and rebar or t-posts are around $10 for 4. You would be hard pressed to find another sturdy structure for around $30.

I first tried out this process last summer using one cattle panel and t-posts secured with wire.  It's so pretty covered in vines! In my garden, I don't want the structures to be noticed, I want the plants to be the focal point

This year, I'm growing Armenian cucumbers and long beans on one of my cattle panel trellises. This variety is harvested at 18" long, and is actually a melon that tastes and is used like fresh cucumber. A great variety for refrigerator pickles.

Because I like this structure so well, I decided to  expand and add another trellis in 2013. I grew gourds on it the first year, and this season I will pole beans and cucumbers here.

 Have you built any structures for your vining crops?


  1. What are you growing under the trellis?

    1. I'm not growing anything but good soil under the trellis this summer. I have a layer of cardboard topped with leaves to smother out weeds and encourage earthworms. This fall I will plant cool weather crops for winter growing and cover the whole thing with plastic for a greenhouse.


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