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Simple Tips to Start a Healthy and Productive Garden

When people find out I’m a Master Gardener their next words usually involve a question. Often that

question starts with “What do I do when...?” or “When do I prune...”?, but the most frequent question I get is “Where do I start?” While everyone’s motivation is different, there are a few simple tips to start a healthy and productive garden for everyone who is ready to grow food.
  • Start Small: This tip is first on the list for a’s the most important! When you are first learning the art of gardening it can be difficult to understand the spacing and growth patterns of different crops as well as learn about pests and weeds. Keep it simple and start with a small space and a few low-maintenance crops. Mastering the basics early on will keep you from getting frustrated and quitting your garden.
  • Grow what you eat: Even the prettiest veggie is useless if it won’t be eaten so make a list of the top 10 veggies or herbs you eat, and pick a few to try this year.
  • Read labels: Perhaps my biggest weakness as a gardener is buying first and reading the requirements tag later. When I say later, I mean that I’m sitting by my already-dug hole taking the plant out of it’s pot when I read the tag that says this plant I bought for full sun requires afternoon shade. I grumble as I fill the hole, move to the other side of the house, and dig another hole. Spare yourself this frustration and read the tag first.
  • If all else fails- Try herbs: Most herbs thrive in less-than-ideal situations. They can survive under-watering, no fertilization, and extreme heat. If you think you have a black thumb, plant herbs. A few to try: Basil, chives, oregano, thyme, and rosemary. You can harvest up to ⅓ of an herb plant at a time so add them generously to your meals.
Gardening is a skill and like any skill, it takes time to learn. Don't worry if you have problems, there is always next season to try again. Keep reading and learning! To see a list of my eBooks on the subject of gardening, please visit my Amazon page.

What is your best gardening tip?


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