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Build a Simple and Cheap Cattle Panel Trellis

Many veggies require some kind of support. Cucumbers, pole beans, and winter squash grow vertically and by building a simple and che
ap cattle panel trellis, you can provide a sturdy structure.


There are a number of options for garden trellises and they don’t have to cost a fortune. Perhaps one of the most flexible and useful items in the garden is a cattle panel, available at most farm stores (like Tractor Supply) for around $20. A simple trellis can be made by using a cattle panel, 4 t-posts, and wire.

How to Make a Cattle Panel Trellis

  1. Drive two posts into the ground 3 feet apart. This will secure one side of the cattle panel.
  2. Drive the other two posts into the ground to secure the other side of the trellis. The sides should be about 5 feet apart but can vary from about 3-6 feet depending on your needs.
  3. With the assistance of a friend, carefully bend the cattle panel to fit within the fence posts creating an arch.
  4. Secure the panel to the fence posts with wire about 1 foot from the bottom and 1 foot from the top on all four corners.

By building a simple and cheap cattle panel trellis, it is easier to grow vining plants. Growing vertically allows you to grow more food in a smaller space and adds beauty and interest to the garden. 

What is your favorite vine to grow?



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