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The Continuous Bone Broth Method with Recipe

Drinking broth has become very fashionable, and this continuous bone broth method makes it easy to have nutritious broth ready to drink all the time. Not only is it great to drink, but having hot broth ready continuously, makes it easy to add to recipes when needed.

I first heard of the perpetual method of making bone broth from The Nourished Kitchen, where she suggests leaving the broth in the crockpot for up to a week at a time. While I have been making bone broth for years, it never occurred to me that I could keep it warm (and therefore safe to drink any time) in a crockpot! I no longer store frozen jars of broth in my freezer and wait for them to thaw in order to use them. This is particularly useful when I need less than a cup of broth for a recipe.

I decided to combine my favorite basic broth recipe with the crockpot method to have what I humbly believe to be the best and easiest bone broth around!

Songbirdtiff's Continuous Bone Broth Recipe

Chicken, turkey, beef or pork bones (equivalent to one small chicken or half a small turkey)
Celery- 3-4 stalks and/or leafy ends
Garlic- two heads, smashed and peeled
Onion- 2 white, quartered
Carrots- 4 large, cut into large pieces
Vinegar- 2 Tbsp
Salt- 1-2 Tbsp
Pepper- 1 Tbsp whole peppercorns
Herbs to taste (fresh or dry) parsley, oregano, thyme, etc. 

Place all ingredients in a 6 quart crockpot and fill to the top with water. Cook on high the first 24 hours. Reduce the heat to low, and keep it going for the next 6 days. Refill the crockpot to the top with fresh water every night, so it continues to make broth. 

Serving Broth

Drink as desired each day. I have found the best way to dispense the broth is to sit a small strainer on top of a mug, and pour the broth through the filter with a ladle. This filters out everything but clean broth.  Add some leftover rice, noodles, veggies or meat to turn your daily broth into a meal. I just like to have a warm cup of broth as a mid-afternoon snack. Sometimes I have it in place of lunch because it is very satisfying.

Making Soup

After about 7 days, the broth will be mostly flavorless because the bones and veggies have released all their nutrients. Don't throw it out! At the end of the continuous broth week, strain out all the bones and veggies and use this for a soup base. This offers the opportunity to clean the crockpot and surrounding area before making the next batch. I usually make my soup for the week while working on the next week's broth. I'm in the kitchen chopping veggies anyway, I might as well make the most of my time!

Do you like to drink broth?



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