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How to Save Poppy Seeds

Poppies are definitely in my top 5 favorite flowers. They are so delicate, so simple, yet in a group they are absolutely stunning. They are also extremely easy to grow. My grandfather has a big patch that blooms each year and, now that we are in our permanent home, I want to have that to look forward to each Spring.

Instead of buying a boring packet of seeds, we purchased a bouquet of poppies at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market. Poppies are easy to harvest seeds from and we got the added benefit of enjoying some stunning colors. Apparently I was so busy enjoying them that I forgot to take a photo. Sorry about that.

Once the petals fell off, I trimmed the stems, tied them together and let them dry. I always have a sturdy string tied on my kitchen window for drying herbs, cleaning my work gloves (as pictured), and pretty much anything for which you might need a mini-clothes line.

Once I saw that they were dry enough to start sprinkling seeds, I covered them with a bag.   


That's about as easy as seed saving gets! Early next Spring I will sprinkle these babies around the back yard and hope to have my own poppy bouquet outside.

What is your favorite Spring flower?



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